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Direct / RedBox

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The MailASail RedBox is described in more detail at the MailASail site.

This is a very simple system. To use a RedBox, you plug your satellite phone into it, connect to the WiFi network the RedBox provides, and you are then able to use the satellite phone to download your weather data.

There is almost nothing to configure in LuckGrib in order to use the RedBox. To access weather data via the RedBox, select the Direct Internet option in the download area of the application settings.


On macOS, the RedBox is selected by opening the LuckGrib / Preferences… window and then selecting the Download tab. At that point, you will see a window that looks like this:

Select the Satellite, or other low bandwidth connection option, and then click on the Settings button. In the window that appears, select the Direct internet option:


On iOS, navigate to the Library / Settings area, and then tap on the Download method row. You then need to select the Satellite, or other low bandwidth connection option:

Then, scroll down and select the Direct internet method: